Why Did I Leave A Six-Figure Career To work Online From home?

I think the answer is pretty obvious – who wouldn’t decide to work from home if they knew they could make the same or better income? Well, I guess it seems obvious to me, but not everyone is an entrepreneur, and I know working from home isn’t for everyone. I guess when i stop to think about it, owning your own business or being your own boss isn’t for everyone either. So, maybe my answers will not be so obvious.

1. Working Online From home Gives Me Geographical Freedom.

Geographical Freedom is a term I use to describe the ability to work where I want to work. As long as there is an comprar iptv. internet connection (wireless broadband through my mobile service is awesome! ), and mobile phone service I can work from anywhere.

My favorite office is Starbucks, but I also find myself at a local park picnic table, or sitting in a lounge chair on the beach or by my neighborhood pool with my Macbook in my lap or cell phone in hand. I make numerous phone calls from my hands free speaker phone while driving around town running errands. The possibilities are endless.

As a family, we travel a little, but even that doesn’t stop me from being able to access all I need to stay plugged in to my business while enjoying my surroundings. Our extended families live out of town, and we must travel to see them too. I am not stranded or “dead in the water” if i go out of town. I can fulfill my business responsibilities from wherever I might happen to find myself on any given day, week, or month!

This really gives us a great lifestyle, but understand that I am NOT saying that i work ALL THE TIME! I can unplug whenever I please. Remember, that what you build on the internet to market yourself or your products, stays on the internet working 24-7 all over the world 365 days a year.

2. I have Unlimited Income Potential Working Online With Top Tier Products.

I market a product line with commissions as high as $20, 000 on just one sale, but I also have 29 potential income streams. Generating hundreds of leads every month and utilizing an automated system to sift, sort, and sell gives me not only great freedom, but amazing leverage to be able to market to more people, and sell more products.

Don’t forget that there are 1. 8 Billion people online around the world, my company markets in 180 different countries in numerous languages too. Did I mention that my online system markets 24-7, 365 days a year with no geographical boundaries? The income potential is really mind boggling if you stop to think about it.

3. Working from home On the internet Gives Me Control Of My life.

The ability to design my career around my life is the position I have desired for years. Working on the internet gives me that power. No other small business can give you that leverage. Think about it – No boss to please. No employees to cater to and deal with; hire and fire. No brick and mortar building to maintain, or overhead hassles.

I start when i want. I stop when i want. I run errands and do “honey-dos” when SHE wants (LOL! – maybe I don’t have complete control! ) I get to spend time with friends and build great relationships. If I want to stop and watch that football game, or go ride my trail bike at 2: 00 in the afternoon, that’s what I do.

I have three children – 16, 19, & 21. Any time they have an event or sporting activity I am there. I rarely miss anything with them, and often spend extra time with them – because I can.

Now I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea here. I work my rear-end off in my business, and the fruits are there to show for it. This is not some get rich quick, “easy-money” scam. It’s a real business that takes real discipline and hard work. But, anyone with that discipline and work ethic can do exactly what I have done: design your career around your life – and not have someone else do it the other way around for you.

There you have it. The short list of reasons that i left my successful career in financial services to build my home business on the internet.

If anything I have written in these few paragraphs intrigues you, or if you have always dreamed of the lifestyle I have described, then there might just be an entrepreneur inside of you screaming to get out! Drop me a line, or give me a call. I would gladly share all the information you need to explore whether or not this could be for you.

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