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Two Hot Online Lawn Mower Games

Gardening and lawn care is a favorite leisure activity. Lawn mowers are gardening machines that keep the lawn in tiptop condition. Avid gardeners have become adept at using them. This has resulted to the development of a variety of games concerned with them. Races are organized all over the world. These actual games give rise to the development and introduction of virtual games. Playing online lawn mowing themed games has proven gras online kaufen to be a fun and pleasurable activity. There are two virtual lawn mowing games category – games that use it to cut grass and games that use it to race. Typically, grass cutting games necessitates beating a timer. Races require dexterity in using the game controls to attain the goal of getting to the finish line first.

Sim Grass

The designer and programmer of Sim Grass have done a good job in developing a simple yet cute and funny game. They have released a boring computer game too! The story is to make sure that the old farmer’s luxury grass is cared for. Using the mouse for control, the player has to ensure that the grass is watered, mowed and fertilized. However, what seems to be a simple task is actually a difficult one that can get the player branded as a “Dangerously Dull Person” or an “Extreme Nerd.” So as not to earn these titles, the player has to make sure that buttons that controls the game are used accurately. The pointer of the meter has to always, always point to the green part. Remember not to give too much or too little. If the meter pointer is allowed to reach the red part, the grass will die. How long can you keep the meter pointing to the green part?

Boring but funny, this game still allows a player that has neglected his duty to earn bonus points. Game developers can gloat on their choice of sound effects. Ambient sound is awesome. You can also purposely allow the flowers to die just to hear the sound of the alarm.

Lawn Mower Madness

Hop into your motorized garden machine and be the best lawnmower ever! As the title suggests, Lawn Mower Madness is a mad rush to the finish line aboard a mower. This is an intense land mowing quest… so intense that racers would use every trick in the book to be first in the finish line. In this game, mowers have become high performing Formula One race cars and racers that were not required to follow rules would use their awesome cache of silly weaponry to gain victory. Tomato projectiles are hurled at other participants; eggs are used to make the track slippery. Racers have to avoid carts and donkey but must purposely hit pigs and chickens to earn cash for the upgrade of the mower.

The storyline, the happy graphics and cartoon figures as well as the lively banjo music would not fail to elicit laughter from the players. The controls easily allow the player to get to the finish line first. The player though has to be careful not to be stalled by obstacles as valuable time is lost to reverse the mower. Winning the race unlocks the next race. Succeeding circuits become progressively challenging. The race gets faster and the opponents become more determined to win. Lawn Mower Madness is a wacky game. It is not surprising if players would play not to win but simply to enjoy the antics of the game.


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