Tools For Online Buying

Today we have the entire shopping world at our fingertips, but many are not prepared to take advantage of the bargains that are available. Here are some tips I hope you will find useful:

1) – Own a tape measure, not a string, yardstick or a stiff metal carpenter tape measure. Cloth tape measures can be purchased at local dollar stores or fabric shops and will save you money in shipping costs on returned items if you follow the size charts on most web sites. If you still have questions, contact the seller to measure the actual article you are interested in ordering.

2) – Plan ahead by buying from Clearance Bins and buy bigger to get two years out of your childrens clothing. You can justify buying quality clothing that will actually hold up over two years rather than settling for just something that fits and is cheap for this year.

3) – Read the “Return Policy”! Most online clothing stores have had to tighten their return policy to allow for that 1% of buyers that return the items damaged, worn, stained, ripped and without tags. Notice that if an article is returned in the same condition received these restocking fees are discretionary and will not be charged. Do not think all returns are subject to high restocking fees. The seller has to protect themselves from receiving items that will go to Goodwill as a result of the condition in which they are returned.

4) – Know the time frames in which refunds, in-store credits and sells are considered FINAL. Contact the seller prior to a return to let them know when the article is being shipped.

We all know that it does not take long to spend half our day off on Saturday, several gallons of gasoline and come home without finding the correct size of a particular dress or outfit. With a little preparation you can “virtually” eliminate those return shipping fees, keep your gasoline tank on full and order online while the washer is washing and the dryer is drying yet another load.

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