The Best Way To Quit Smoking Weed

For health and social concerns, some long-term weed users eventually are determined to quit smoking weed. Analysing the measures they adapted, some of them succeeded with slight side effects which only lasted for a period of time then disappeared.

Apart from them, some reasonable measures will be introduced to weed users who seriously consider quitting smoking weed.

Don’t stop cold turkey!

As this idiom says, don’t suddenly stop smoking weed if you are a long term user, it really causes many psychological and physical problems to yourself. weed online bestellenYou are unable to cope with no weed days which trigger your anger, anxiety and depression. In some ways, the cravings might dramatically ruin your life, such as you are unable to concentrate on your work and suffer panic attacks. If those symptoms occur to you, you must visit your doctor immediately to obtain more reasonable and acceptable measures to kill your cravings to weed.

Breathe fresh air and take on an outdoor exercise

You can take on an outdoor exercise, such as running, jogging, climbing or walking to breathe fresh air to get rid of the cravings growing in your mind looking for weed. You can try to find a close friend or be sociable and find some other new friends to go with you so as to occupy your mind.

Drink organic tea

Once you quit smoking weed, you feel bored or still own the craving looking for your pot and weed; dispose of all of them and you can drink organic tea. Organic tea can help you get rid of the toxins buried underneath the fat. In the meantime, it can help you become more awake.

Drink organic fruit or vegetable juices

You can buy a juice maker and organic fruits and vegetables to make juice yourself. The fruits and vegetables such as raspberry, cranberry, carrots and tomatoes are very healthy. They can work to flush toxins out of your body to make your metabolism system clean.

Stay away from junk food and eat plenty of salads.

After quitting smoking weed, some people are addicted to junk food. Those carbohydrates put on extra weight and you gradually become overweight. In order to avoid this, you can eat plenty of salads made from organic vegetables to maintain your weight.

Stay sociable

When you had weed, you hide yourself from your family and social friends, you behave like a criminal. If you have quit smoking weed, you should re-build your social connections by inviting your friends to your home or go to a public library and borrow some DVD’s. Or you can participate in some social activities to make your mind extremely busy and no time to think about weed.

Take some mild sleeping aid medicine enabling you to fall asleep

After quitting smoking weed, some people suffer from insomnia; they are unable to have restful night’s sleep and they have many vivid dreams. Once they get up the following day, they feel extremely exhausted, which could trigger their anxiety and depression and suffer panic attacks. In this case, they should visit their doctor immediately and prescribe some mild sleeping aid medicine helping them fall asleep.

Overall, after quitting smoking weed, you should always keep your mind busy and stay sociable and be away from weed. Consistency and persistency are really important. You will fight against yourself all the way along. But keep in mind your goal is to quit smoking weed, you will win yourself.



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