Shopping for a Home – New or Previously Owned?

Personalized Design: Why learn to live with someone else’s design picks when everything can be chosen from the cabinets and countertops to the flooring and everything in between. Not to mention the exterior. The options will all be loved and the new home will reflect the buyer’s style rather than the previous owner.

Meet Needs: Will a master bedroom on the first floor suit best? It can even have huge walk-in closets and a double vanity. What about a resort-style in suite bath and ultra-high ceilings? Fireplaces, French doors, swimming pools and more can all be obtained with the ability to pick and choose every part of these custom new homes.

Warranty: Used homes as opposed to new homes will usually have tired finishes and products that may need replacing either immediately or in the near future. In new homes, the products are brand new, plus they are under warranty for a stress-free few years before they’ll need any sort of attention. The costs to replace appliances, roofing and other components in a used home add up.

Energy Savings: New homes are without a doubt more energy efficient than older Tech New Master homes, even those five and less years old! They could be drafty and waste energy unless time and effort is put in to reseal, and update appliances such as the HVAC and water heater to name a couple. New homes have things like triple pane windows and coatings that save both energy and money for lower bills every month no matter the season.

Comfort Guaranteed: In addition, new homes meet strict energy standards as well as codes that were non-existent in the past. They put together amazing ventilation and high-performance energy efficiency. The result is extreme comfort and great indoor air quality.

Low Maintenance: New homes are much like new cars, each year they are updated to the newest trends and standards. This means there is less care required and of course, less maintenance. The systems and components installed are designed to work together flawlessly.

Community Amenities: The communities that new homes are featured in are beyond anything one can imagine. They are lavish to say the least, and offer resort-style living. Imagine community centers, clubhouses and pools just to name a few. Some even have golf courses, great schools and even hiking trails and shopping. Living right in the heart of it all has its perks.

Advanced Design: While it’s possible to replace the old things with high tech things when settling on an older home, it is still quite expensive. Building a home, the way the future residents desire is still the best option. It can be everything in one instead of settling for only getting this or that. Skip the headache and get all the techy advantages right away in a seamless process.

Safety: State-of-the-art everything when it comes to safety means that the family will be more than safe in the new home. From circuit breakers, to garage openers and high-end HVAC and water conditioners makes the home super safe from top to bottom. Breathe easy, have delicious water and more. It’s definitely worth the investment.

New: A used home is someone else’s vision, bottom line. It shows their choices and holds their family memories. While one may be okay painting walls and replacing old appliances, as well as cleaning all the crevices it may not be right. Then again, some prefer the lived-in feel. It’s a matter of choice.

New homes offer the newest designs, comforts, quality and style. Anyone that craves a care-free, turnkey lifestyle should strongly consider new as opposed to older homes.

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