How to Fix a Glass Curtain Walling

Curtain walling is a finish mounted on the external walls. This is used as a sun screen, for aesthetics and external sound acoustics. The glass curtain wall can be clear or tinted. The mounting is done using aluminum framing. The glass used should be able to withstand weather agents like heavy rains, wind, snow or even the sun. It is usually done on framed buildings. It can also be done on domestic buildings to stop the sun in the family rooms

The glass curtain wall can also be used on long windows. This are the windows on the staircases or dinning rooms. This glass is mounted outside instead of using curtains or blinds inside the building. In homes, the frames for holding the curtain walls are erected at a spacing of minimum eight inches. The main window should have the opening parts sliding or top hung. The main windows should open at least six inches to allow the movement of fresh air.

The glass curtain walling fixing procedure starts by measuring the length and width of the area. Once the space is measured, the aluminum framing is cut and assembled before erection onto the wall. The glass is then cut and prefixed onto the framing. This ensures all the rubber linings are well placed before the final assembly. This also ensures that during heavy winds, the glass does not vibrate. The mounting brackets are then marked on the frame.

The brackets or fasteners for the glass framing are fixed to the walls and beams with bolts. The aluminum frame is then slid and clipped into the wall mounted brackets. The height should commence from the cill level of the window up to the top of the window. The glass sheets are then slid into the holding rubber on the alumni um frames. The rubber cover is then screwed back onto the frame. This is used for holding the glass firmly into place.


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