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How to Find, Correspond, Meet, Date and Marry a Russian Ukraine Woman and Be Happy

First of all, before we get too far along, Tatiana changed my life, but she is NOT my wife. She is a 22 year old girl from Ukraine who came to USA on a work visa from college, to stay the summer and work her way through college. I knew her for two years while servicing computers at her job, where she worked as a waitress here in Maine

No, we didn’t fall in love, or anything like that, but we became close friends and hiking partners and because of my large computer shop, I helped her setup Skype, in an effort to call and speak to her sister for free every week in Ukraine

Ok, so I met my first ever young girl from Ukraine, and she introduced me to about eight of her friends also working here and we all got very close. Before I knew it, I was being introduced to her older sister and friends at the other end of the camera in Russia and Ukraine. One night at the local nightclub, we discussed how I have been single for so many years and that I do not see anything in American women any more, but I began to notice so many charming and wonderful features of these foreign beauties. The way they kept themselves, their culture, their views toward men, and especially older men and their thoughts on how nothing was more important than a happy family life. Something that I had always wanted. I wanted to learn more, so I studied this culture, and by the end of the summer, with the help from Tatiana, I was going to stop being single.This was my goal for 2008-2009.

In August of 2008, she convinced me to fly back to Ukraine with her and take a two week vacation, in an effort to meet her sister and friends and also to stop at a friends house who owned one of the many local marriage agencies.Before it was time to go, her friend Kevin, the owner of the agency, had me signed up online, looking at ladies profiles, and writing to five older women between the ages of 31-40. He personally knew these girls and they had been looking for someone for many years. The ratio for men and women is six to one, so the city has an abundance of single women for many years now.

If you are not as lucky as I was, and you did not have an actual contact to go and see, then you would start with a respected Dating Agency, as there are many scammers in this International Dating scene, trust me. You can browse profiles on your computer all day long and pick out just the ones that interest you. Once you have established someone that interests you, you can write to that lady. The average price to write a letter or open a letter is six dollars average. After a few letters back and forth, you can decide to keep writing, or make a decision to take a vacation to that city of the agency that you are using, and tell any of the women that you would like to meet them when you arrive. In the mean time, keep writing, calling, chatting, or use video to see these women, let them see you, see body language and just see live features of each other.

Most agencies have Match Making Services for the men. You pay approximately $250.00, and then proceed to tell the agency, the top 5-10 girls that you’d like to meet when you come. in the meantime, they will call in each girl, ask her questions and show her your profile. if she has an interest, then she is put on hold until you meet. Once you arrive, the office interpreter will introduce you and stay with you to a visit to the local outdoor cafe. Its always best to go in spring or summer. After 30 minutes, you both have a feel of whether you want to see each other again and the interpreter makes all the arrangements for you

Make sure that you plan to stay at least 10-14 days. The scenery is beautiful with young and older women alike, dressed as nice as you can imagine. Its just a complete new atmosphere than I was not accustomed to, living in the back woods of Maine. You have to also realize that most of the ladies work every day, so you must work around their schedule and wait for the weekend to visit them. If they have children, it’s even harder and you should offer to pay for a babysitter or take the child with you. Children are great icebreakers.

Ok, so you have the meetings done, corresponding with the office and the actual girls in the city and now after your first meetings all completed, its time to decide who you want to be with for your second date. Remember, these women are polite, classy and respect you for who you are. Maybe you had coffee and cake, talked for 20 minutes and then as planned, you always go your separate ways and the interpreter gets a report from each lady after the cafe. A Russian woman will never make any effort to show you that she does not want to see you again. They appreciate you for coming, for buying them a snack and for having an interest in them. They will smile and be friendly and politely tell the office that you are not for them, or they will ask to see you again.

Ok, so now its on to your next meeting, and the next one, until all of your choices are exhausted. Now it’s time for you to decide on whom you will have a second meeting with. Most of the time, you will find that you may end up with more than  Business in Ukraine one and it becomes a little difficult. I know all about this as both of the women I settled with, were both favorites of mine, and I still had Tatiana’s sister waiting to met me a second time. My schedule was busy for my first seven days there. Total cost of the agency cafe meetings, interpreter and food, about $150.00.

After your final decisions are made, its up to you and your new found love, to decide if you will need the interpreter with you every moment, or if you think you can try it without her. I was very lucky, as two of my choices spoke English fairly well. Most schools and universities make English a necessary course to complete for 3-5 years. I spent four days with these two ladies and in the end, we traveled the parks, rode the trains around Ukraine, and I had made up my mind who I wanted to be with. Remember Tatiana’s sister, who I first met when I visited her when I arrived? I had decided that I wanted to be with her, but she was having second thoughts about moving to USA eventually, If things progressed with us, and she wanted me to stay in Ukraine. Many men have done this, but you have to be financially secure.

So, here I was. Now it was back to the last two choices that I had thought were not right for me. I went back to the office and told the interpreter that I would like two more days to visit, date and decide. She proceeded to get the girls to come and again we decided that one of the two was more special to me than the other,but I just did not feel the chemistry. We both knew I was leaving in two days, and that we would correspond for a while when I returned home. I felt that I had a decent chance with this lady and we enjoyed each others company every minute we were together.

Now, something happened on the day before my plane was to leave. Something that I never expected and you could never imagine in a hundred years. I was in my apartment all alone. It was very hot and I wanted to go out and do something, but not alone. I called my interpreter, who was engaged to a wonderful Russian boy, and asked her if I could buy her and her boyfriend dinner, for all the hard work she did for me. She thankfully and happily agreed and told me to meet her in two hours. I went to my favorite restaurant and when they arrived, they had a guest with them, who they introduced as Svetlana, her good friend.


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