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How to Build a Capsule Closet

The capsule wardrobe single-handedly turns around all of most glaring fashion’s faults from crimes of excess, to notions that fashion people have glitter for brains and that in this flailing economy, there is no room for awesome clothes in our closets.

Before I go into dishing out simple tips on how to make a capsule wardrobe, let’s first define what it is. A capsule wardrobe is mostly associated with the clothes, shoes and accessories that you take with you when you’re going away for a trip. But instead of ending up sitting on your luggage just to close it, a capsule wardrobe is a well-planned 10 Trending Techwear collection of clothes, accessories and footwear that takes up as little space as possible with items carefully chosen because of its versatility. In short, you take only what’s necessary.

Necessary. Now that’s a word you don’t normally associate with fashion, but definitely something that you do with style. In building your capsule wardrobe, please keep in mind that quantity doesn’t and has never defined style. With that, let’s begin with some easy tips on how to turn your current wardrobe into a capsule wardrobe.

Clean out your closet.

You don’t have to empty out your closet and start from scratch when building a capsule wardrobe. All you have to do is put your style brains into gear and start making a selection of your most practical and stylish pieces. You don’t have to be so severe in making your cuts too. Take it slowly, so that you don’t make a mistake of throwing out a piece that’s worth keeping. What you can do is separate your clothes into types first (jackets, jeans, pants, tops, skirts, etc.) and then start editing from there.

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