Frugal Living: Reduce Carbon Footprinting and Save Non Renewable Resources

Each of us has a direct impact on our carbon footprints as we go about our day. There are many ways you can impact your eco footprint. Your home, car, diet and even vacation all contribute to your eco footprint. There are many things that each individual can do to reduce the problem. To live a frugal and sustainable lifestyle, we need to reduce our dependence on non-renewable resources. You can have wealth and abundance no matter your income or financial situation. A frugal lifestyle can give you real freedom and choice. You should not live without.

Our consumption of non-renewable resources is growing at an alarming pace, and the world’s non-renewable resources are reducing carbon footprint benefits running out at an alarming speed. Giving away unwanted stuff (free stuff) to others can help you achieve four goals. Although these acts of kindness may seem small, they can make a big difference. Do not be afraid to give unwanted items away for free and reduce your ecological footprint.

This is a new way to live frugal. It is a reminder that we should continue to be grateful for the little acts of kindness and generosity that make our lives easier, our lives more joyful, and our battles more winnable.

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