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Car Rental Ideas For making Journey of Greece Cheaper and Comfortable

3,104,099 Personal Land Vehicle Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free  Images - iStockAncient country of Greece which is famous in world history for its contribution to the humanity in culture, religion and art is located in southeastern Europe at the end of Balkan Peninsula national car shipping. The country being located at the meeting point of three continents Europe, Asia and Africa was the meeting points for many culture and civilizations. All three Greece, the Roman and Byzantine Empires flourished here. Greece is known as birthplace of democracy, Western philosophy, Olympic Games, Western literature and many other forms of art and literature.

Economically, Greece is a developed nation and shipping is one of the major industries that plays very important role in economic development of Greece. Thus Greece being an ancient country as well as a developed nation provides ample scope for leisure as well as business activities and is frequently visited by a number of travelers. Greece is full of places of great tourist interests including its capital Athens.

Now after reading this much you must have developed curiosity to travel and soon would be planning to visit Greece. Arrangement of a good car renting agency should be major part of planning process for a tour of Greece. You can start searching for a car renting agency from your neighbor hood. You can select for car rental in Greece from a number of car rental agencies that provide same services on a very competitive rates. If you are frequent renter, then there are chances that you may get some extra benefit and perks from the renting agency.

If this is your first experience booking a car on rent you do not need to panic, anyway, you can seek assistance from a number of renting agencies which are located near by you in Greece, in case being a foreigner you can enquire from a branch of leading car rental agency at your place about their service in Greece. However, in present age of technology, there would be no better option for seeking car renting information than Internet. Online you get an easy access to a number of websites from a number of car renting agencies where you can search for available rates and models for a car. In meantime you can ask for specials and available discounts provided by the agency.

You can avail special discount and rates on car renting if you fall in special category of military personnel, senior citizens and auto club members. You don’t need to be disappointed, if you are not one from any of these categories yet you have right to car rental discount. Many airlines provide car rental discount on their tickets or travel package as they have arrangement with car renting agencies for their regular customers. Some hotels also provide discounted car rental facility on their accommodation packages. Despite the higher price, consumers are already sold on the benefits of cars with in-vehicle technology. Thirty-nine percent of car buyers say such technology is a top selling point, according to a study by Accenture. This is more than twice the number (14 percent) who say “traditional” performance measures such as power and speed are their top priority.

For now, the technology connecting smart cars to the Internet (and often Wi-Fi) is split between systems embedded by the auto manufacturers and those driven by devices such as smart phones. Most analysts believe embedded connectivity will eventually dominate, especially as prices decline, because it will let automakers and insurers collect key performance, safety and driving data. In the short term, however, many consumers will probably rely on smartphones to access features and functions that include infotainment, remote door unlocking, navigation systems, weather and traffic alerts and problem-diagnosis tools.

Despite widespread optimism about the enhanced safety and convenience promised by connected cars, the federal government and some consumer groups worry that the vast amounts of data collected and transmitted between various parties could threaten individual privacy and even safety.

Recently, members of the house Energy and Commerce Committee issued letters to 17 carmakers and the National Highway Transportation and Safety Administration requesting details of the cybersecurity measures they plan to take to prevent hackers from accessing smart cars’ safety and communications systems. In addition to fears that hackers could collect personal information stored in the cars, some people worry that criminals could actually wrest control of smart cars, disabling critical systems such as brakes and steering.

Although these fears might sound like something invented by a Hollywood screenwriter, researchers affiliated with the center for Automotive Embedded Systems demonstrated in 2010 that it’s possible to take over all of a car’s vital systems. In 2011, the same researchers showed how to remotely take control of a vehicle through its telematics systems. Just this past Friday, Fiat Chrysler announced it will recall 1. 4 million cars and trucks to protect them from hacking after Wired magazine did a piece on how hackers could remotely hijack a Jeep over the internet.

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