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Candles – Wicked Delights

Candles have a rich and vibrant history. Candles were the sole decoration on the first Christmas tree. Candles served as the only light in every home for hundreds of years. Candles have only become decorative pieces since the introduction of electricity. Candles come in a variety of sizes (widths, lengths), shapes (common circles, stars and squares), scents (lavender, clean linen, wisteria, cinnamon apple), patterns, designs, materials (not all are made of wax), colors, containers (jars, bowls for votives, decorative wisteria coffee table cans shaped like pails), and widths.

Using candles to decorate your space is a lot harder than it sounds. Depending on the space you are looking to decorate, you will need to take some time deciding amongst all the varieties of candles. If you have a bare fireplace mantle in need of sprucing up, you can add elegance and color by purchasing tall, wrought iron candelabras and affix short, thick candles to the tops. The choice of color depends on the color theme you currently have in your living room. If you are a decorating novice, keep in mind that white candles go with anything.

If you want to decorate your space and  create an oasis of sensual scents, why not envelope your senses in scented oil candles that completely melt away and fill your home with delectable delights like vanilla and lavender, spiced rose, pumpkin pie, or raspberry delight. Make your home smell like a florists shop, a linen closet, or Christmas dinner.

Large open spaces are the perfect places for large candles in large candle holders. Smaller spaces are ideal for small candles. If you want to expand from the simple candle and candle holder, you can purchase a fish bowl, fill it with water and brightly colored decorative rocks, then set floating votives inside. This creates a center piece for your coffee table or a table decoration for a bridal shower.

With the vast amounts of candle shops, boutiques, online stores, and big candle companies you have a huge selection to choose from. Yankee Candle and Glade are two of the most well known candle manufacturers in the world. Finding a candle to fit your style is easy if you decide to decorate using candles from either of these companies. Yankee Candle will take a bigger bite out of your wallet than Glade, but either company will give you excellent products for the price.

Candles can be combined with area rugs for a splendid effect. Candles are colorful and completely capable of making any home or office warm, or sophisticated, or elegant, or sensual, or romantic, or vibrant- candles are an extension of your personality and style that you can match with a woven or braided area rug. Imagine a darkened room lit only by the light of a hundred candles…you lay out a romantic dinner on a warm, soft area rug and you can have an evening of romance without even leaving the house.


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