Build Your Own Chess Set From Nuts and Bolts

Did you know you can easily make a chess set from nothing but nuts and bolts? Simply stand each lag bolt on its end and decorate it to match the similar pieces on a traditional chess board. Just be creative and use different types of bolts with different heads such as a machine screw, carriage bolt, or lag bolt. There are several simple steps to take to build your own chess set.

Identify what color you want each side to be. You may use different bolts plated with different steel, such as zinc lag bolts, or galvanized carriage bolts, or you can just go with stainless steel. Consider using something that is plain and small for the pawns. After all the pawns are the weakest on the board!

Using bolts that are larger in size will help to distinguish between some of the larger chess pieces, like the queen and the king. One creative way to build a knight would be to use a hook screw, (you know, the kind that you hang plants from the ceiling at home). You can use a square head lag bolt for rooks, this will give a good effect to the chess piece as they can only move backward, forward, and side to side. US bolts

Use some of your creativity for the queen, and use a cap nut. Cap nuts have a rounded top and can really differentiate it between all of the other pieces. Finally you are ready to build the king. You will want to use a lock nut for the head, and a tall big lag bolt. The lock nut that I refer to is often called a k locknut, you can also attach washers with big teeth for the look of a crown.

Just a couple more tips and you’ll be on your way to building your own chess set from just nuts and bolts. Remember to not get bolts that are too top heavy as they may fall down. Try to test the bolts before you roll out the finished product, as you may need to cut them so they are shorter. So there you have it, simple instructions on how to build your own chess set.



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