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Electricians Work

In modern building construction, the work of an electrician is to make sure that high & low electrical wiring is properly installed. It is necessary under National Electrical Code that only certified electricians should do the wiring installation in buildings, whether residential, commercial or industrial or remodeling. When installing electrical systems, electricians are required to perform electrical load calculation accordingly with blueprints that specify the locations of load centers, electrical panels, circuits, outlets and Entrepreneur électrique Boucherville other electrical equipment. Electricians should comply with the National Electrical Code and the state and local building codes.

Electrician’s Tools

Tools the electricians must have are conduit benders,screwdrivers, wire strippers, hacksaws, knives and power and cordless tools like drills and saws.

Installation of Conduit Systems

Electricians must run conduits in the walls, partitions and concealed areas, as shown in the blue prints. In Illinois as well as in some other states it is required to use metallic boxes and conduits tighten couplings and connectors and then fasten them firmly to walls for pulling the wires and further installation of switches, outlets. Wires are connected (spliced)in the boxes by means of special connectors (wire-nuts). They place trim plates after drywall is painted to complete the electrical installation.

Different types of Electricians

Maintenance electricians working in factories may need to repair generators, transformers, machine tools, motors and electronic controllers.Maintenance electricians primarily repair and the maintain electrical equipment and upgrade existing electrical systems. The actual work would depend of his certification type and where the electrician is employed. as “General Electric” can perform any kind of installation or maintenance work. Sometimes electrician is required to rewire, remove an old circuit wiring or box or replace the existing one in order to install additional equipment or fixtures.

Working Conditions

Electricians work indoors and outdoors. Their travel to factories, homes, offices and construction sites. The work may be physical at times, bending heavy gauge conduits, standing and kneeling all day long. They are exposed to weather conditions, sometimes that could be quite nice. To avoid the risk of injury electricians have to follow to strict safety rules.

Hours of Work

Union electricians usually work six or seven days a week eight hours a day, but may work overtime if required. Electricians that are ” on call” maintenance and repairs in factories are required to zoom to the work sites 24/7, in case of an emergency.

Apprenticeship And Qualifications

Personally I think that are trained on the job with combination of theory vs. electricians that not become knowledgeable professionals much more efficiently and quicker and easier to pass the NEC certification test. So then you should choose ether work for yourself or for uncle Sam. Good luck!

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